Funding Neuro has funded a DIPG trial at GOSH which is now recruiting.

CAR (“Chimeric Antigen Receptor”)-T cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy whereby the patient’s immune system is engineered to recognise and attack cancer cells. This has been used in blood cancers and may work on non-blood cancers as the CAR-T cells will be attacking the same GD2 element found in cancers in unusually high quantities. GOSH has completed a clinical study of CAR-T cell therapy targeting GD2 in children with relapsed neuroblastoma and now wish to extend to DIPG.

This trial will be a 12 patient trial over 2 years at a cost of c£1.2m and Funding Neuro is looking to fund a substantial part of this alongwith the Lyla Nsouli Foundation and Abby’s Army.

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