Dundee Focused Ultrasound Appeal

Funding Neuro is working with Dr Kismet Hossain-Ibrahim to raise funds to purchase an Insightec Ultrasound device. The combination of this device together with a chemical called ALA, provided by SonALAsense, an American company has been proven in safety trials in the USA to safely produce Sonodynamic therapy to reduce the size of cancer tumours within a patient’s skull, without the need for invasive surgery! MHRA approval is currently being sought for this ground breaking trial which will be set up to treat both DIPG and Glioblastoma patients.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital trial

CAR (“Chimeric Antigen Receptor”)-T cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy whereby the patient’s immune system is engineered to recognise and attack cancer cells. This has been used in blood cancers and may work on non-blood cancers as the CAR-T cells will be attacking the same GD2 element found in cancers in unusually high quantities. GOSH has completed a clinical study of CAR-T cell therapy targeting GD2 in children with relapsed neuroblastoma and now wish to extend to DIPG.

This trial will be a 12 patient trial over 2 years and Funding Neuro has funded £300,000 towards the cost of £1.2m.

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