Our aim is to accelerate the development of new treatments for many of the most serious neurological conditions.

We believe that advances in one condition can benefit other conditions therefore we do not focus on one single neurological condition. We seek to find solutions so that research and innovative therapies can be accelerated and delivered to those that need them most.

To do this we need to ensure that promising clinical research can find its way out of the lab and to the patient in the treatment room. By focusing on translating breakthrough research into breakthrough treatments, we believe we can revolutionise the effectiveness of neurological care.

Universities and research funders are not always set up to take their research beyond the lab. Pharmaceutical companies often experience difficulties in putting promising new drugs to clinical trial. Health providers like the NHS simply do not have the funds or facilities to provide all proven new treatments even when these hurdles have been overcome. Money invested into research is often not producing benefits for the patient. Funding Neuro wants to overcome this fragmentation with some proper joined-up thinking.

About us andwhat do we do

  • We work with the NHS and other care providers, universities, government, industry, philanthropists and other charities.
  • We are undertaking a series of clinical trials across a range of conditions with the aim that they lead to new recognised treatment options.
  • We advocate for better treatment for Neurological conditions.

Where are we going?

We are focussed on applied research. As a small charity with limited funding we need to make sure we focus on making sure the trials we fund are for the benefit of the people who matter most: the patients.

We are collaborating in and commissioning a number of clinical trials. These trials use a range of different mechanisms to breach the Blood Brain Barrier.

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