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Funding Neuro are proud of our supporters. No more so than Darren Calder one of the incredibly brave volunteers that took part in the Parkinson’s GDNF study. Darren has now set up a dedicated website for people to follow the progress of his fundraising. Keep up to date with Darren and his team on their latest news and events as they try to raise the 1 million pounds needed to further this study…


Darren’s Story

Weʼre raising £1,000,000 to take the Parkinson’s GDNF clinical trial forward to a Phase 3 so that further investigation can categorically prove that this miracle drug works!

I am Darren Calder. I was one of 6 who tested the safety of the delivery system for the Parkinson’s GDNF Phase 2 clinical trial.

This allowed 36 more incredibly brave participants. Including Julia Voke who is supporting this fundraising page,  to take part in this medical trial which involved ground breaking brain surgery in order to insert a unique delivery system which would infuse a miracle drug directly to affected dying brain cells.

Despite the primary trial findings being disappointing. There is no doubt in the participants minds or in-fact the surgeon, Professor Steve Gill, or indeed that of Alan Whone the consultant in charge. That this drug really bought brain cells back to life and the Participants are determined to prove this by bringing this drug to a Phase 3 trial where the learnings can be further investigated.

Phase 3 Trial…

3 Million is required just to kick start this Phase 3 trial. While Tom’s Charity The Cure Parkinson’s Trust is throwing its weight behind it. We wanted to tap in to the resources of normal people out there who may have a family member or a friend suffering this dreadful disease.

10 Million world wide suffer with Parkinson’s right now,
150,000 of those in the UK alone, with 2 people being diagnosed every hour.  One in 37 people will be diagnosed with PD during their lifetime. It is painful to watch the suffering of loved ones. Let alone those that are struggling to cope with this debilitating and cruel disease.

I ask of each and every one of you who have taken the time to read this page to donate a £1. We are reaching out and desperately need your help. I can guarantee every last penny donated will go in to the hands of the Phase 3 trial coordinators.

Visit Darren’s JustGiving page to donate.
Help be apart of a major turning point of those affected by Parkinson’s.
Your help could make the difference.

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