No, we are not asking you to take up a new hobby for us!

But, did you know that used stamps can be sold back to collectors by charities?

If you can we would very much appreciate you tearing the stamps off any envelopes that you receive, whether at home or at work, and then we can arrange to collect them or have them delivered to us to sell on.

There are a few wee bits of information we need to point out however:

  • please keep the envelope behind the stamp, the stamp should not be peeled off of whatever it was on
  • have only a small amount of paper around the stamp – excess paper will reduce what we can make
  • please keep foreign stamps separate from UK ones – both will be accepted but they must not be in together
  • stamps can be sent in bulk to our postal address

If you would like further information on this please do get in touch with Maisie