A young man by the name of Ben Fountain decided he wanted to do something challenging, and do it for charity. He chose to take part in the Tough Man event in January of 2013.

In his own words, this is Ben’s experience:

Ben tough man
“I took part in Tough Guy on January 27th 2013. A friend talked me into doing this event early last year so we had plenty of time for training, but after the event I have to admit that nothing could have prepared me for the ordeal I put myself through. I decided if i’m going to do it, then I may as well try to raise some money, I thought about who to raise money for and decided to go with a more overlooked charity, if that make sense. Most people i know raise money for the big, well known charities so i decided to look for something a little different and came across yourselves. I have some family members who suffer neurological conditions so it struck a cord for me and seemed a logical choice.
Well the race…… due to the amount of people on the course it was pretty much a 15km mud run with huge obstacles throughout, fire, water and a few electric shocks for good measure! I had never planned on a quick time around the course, just making the finish was my plan. I made it round in a time of 3hr 48min and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but gave me a huge sense of achievement to have finished, which not everybody did. After the event i found out out of the 5000 or so people who started, over 700 didn’t finish, many dropping out with hypothermia and a fair few broken bones.
When I crossed the finish, the cold really hit me and I couldn’t stop shaking for over 30 minute and couldn’t even get my own shoes off as my legs were cramping up so badly. Luckily my sister came to watch and helped me get sorted after then drove me home. The 3 days after weren’t the most enjoyable, I got out of bed the day after and nearly fell over as my legs didn’t feel like functioning and then spent the next few days hobbling around barely able to walk.
Looking back, it was a great day and a massive test on what I could put myself through and I’m glad I entered and really happy I managed to raise some money for a great cause as well.”