Our text donations are processed through JustGiving in partnership with Vodafone.

JustTextGiving is one of JustGiving’s associated services. It is a text giving service that processes donations and JustGiving reclaims Gift Aid on behalf of the charities featured on it. JustGiving does not currently charge charities or donors for this service, although JustGiving reserves the right to charge the transaction fee in the future. If JustGiving does decide to charge for the service, JustGiving will tell you in advance.

Text donations may be refunded in certain circumstances (such as where the donation was sent from your mobile phone by mistake or without your permission) at the absolute discretion of your mobile phone operator. If you wish to request a refund you should contact your mobile phone operator to discuss this with them. There is no obligation for your mobile phone operator to provide a refund and they may choose to refund only part of the donation if they wish. Because JustGiving pays donations made via text to charities regularly, we regret that we can only refund a text donation if Funding Neuro expressly requests it, and they can pay us back. Please get in touch with Funding Neuro first.

Your mobile operator will pass 100% of the text donation onto JustGiving. The minimum text donation is GBP £1 and all donations must be in whole pounds sterling. The maximum text donation allowed is GBP £10 for all mobile operators. Donations sent via text will usually incur your standard text message fee. Please refer to your tariff for details of your standard text message fee.

After you send a donation via text, JustGiving will send you a text message in response, confirming your donation and providing you with the opportunity to add Gift Aid to your donation. JustGiving will include a link to a Gift Aid page where you can provide your details to enable JustGiving to collect Gift Aid on your behalf. Alternatively, JustGiving may send you a text message asking if you would like to add Gift Aid to your donation and to reply to this text message giving your name, address and postcode. For each reply you send to JustGiving text messages regarding Gift Aid your mobile operator will charge you one standard text message fee.