Here is an extensive list of the sort of events and activities which have been tried and tested in years gone by…there might be something you are interested in here, the list might inspire you, or it may just make you think your own idea is even better! Have a browse, you never know what you might find…

Abseil • Scale the dizzy heights of a local landmark – or ‘seil’ from a crane.
Aerobics • Organise a sponsored aerobathon with the help of gyms, leisure centres and sports shops.
Afternoon Tea • Put the kettle on and get baking! Entertain guests with raffles, tombolas and live music.
Air Miles • Collect your own, then raffle them off!
Auction • Auction off original items, taking a percentage of sales, or auction the services of people and businesses – anything from singing lessons to dinner for two.

Bad…Day • It could be bad…hair, tie, dress, taste – charge your colleagues at work to come in for the day wearing their worst (or best). Prize for the winner!
Bag Pack • Ask your local supermarket to allow you and your friends to pack bags at the checkouts – take buckets along for shoppers to drop their change into as a thanks for packing their bags…or a thanks for not packing their bags! (Thursday evenings and Saturday lunchtimes are usually busiest).
Barbeque • charge your friends to come round for a barbeque! Anyone can donate items to be cooked – why not make a day of it and include cocktails, football, rounders, children’s games…anything you can think of, charge for each activity and add a competition element with prizes.
Bingo • hold a one-off evening or regular morning sessions.
Bungee Jump • Raise sponsorship by flying in the face of fear!

Car Boot Sale • Cash in your old belongings or sell pitches. Raise more with bouncy castles, raffles, refreshments etc.
Car Wash • Wash cars for a fee at shopping centres, office car parks etc. Request permission first.
Coffee Morning • It’s open house for the morning! Make extra with raffles, tombola, bring-and-buy sales and cake stalls.
Cook Off • Celebrity Masterchef idea. Charge spectators to watch.
Copper Collection • Ask everyone to donate their collections of one and two pence pieces.

Dance • Barn, disco, tea, techno, salsa – whatever rocks your boat!
Darts Tournament • Challenge all the pub teams in the area to compete for cash prizes, or a barrel of beer.
Dinner and cabaret • Hire a popular and spacious restaurant. Entertain ticket holders with music, comedy and magic.
Dog Show • Charge proud pet-owners to show off their pooches. Ask pet shops to sponsor the event.
Duck Race • Sell numbered plastic ducks and launch them from a bridge. The duck to finish first wins.

Easter Egg Hunt • Edible hide and seek! Each participant will pay to join in the fun and then receive chocolate eggs. Ask confectioners to provide the eggs.
Eating Marathon • Get sponsored to stuff your face with as many baked beans/pies/food of choice as possible.

Face Painting 
• get creative with face paints at fetes, fairs, children’s parties – or why not add this as an extra attraction at another event!
Fancy Dress • Jazz up your event with a fancy dress contest.
Fashion Show • Ask local businesses to sponsor the venue, outfits or catwalk. Charge admission and sales commission. Why not theme the event, or each section along with music…perhaps a local charity shop would allow you to use clothes from their store and go with a joint charity venture!
Football tournament • You could set up a mini league and have a football tournament mixing up the classes so that each team has the same chance of winning.
Fun Day • Arrange music, games, competitions and stalls at a nearby hall or sports club.

Game Show • Host a mock version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Weakest Link, Mr & Mrs or similar. Otherwise adapt board games for big audiences and get prizes donated.
Garden Party • Sell tickets or invite guests to make a donation…or simply offer your gardening services to friends and family
Greetings Cards • Make and sell greetings cards for all occasions.
Guess the…• Guess the name/age/birthday of the cuddly toy – or weight of the cake!
Gunge Tank • Charge fair-goers to drop their relatives, friends or enemies in a tank of last week’s leftovers! This could also be a teacher/head master at a school event.

Halloween Party 
• Another excuse to dress up and party. Charge entrance fees and raise money guising!
Head Shave • Sick of bad hair days? Go bald for charity!
Hook-a-duck • Fete and fair game. Ask local companies to donate prizes.
Hoopla • Fete and fair game. Ask local companies to donate prizes.
How many…• How many sweets in the jar.

Inflatable • Put a bounce into your summer fete with an inflatable fly wall, bowing ring or gladiator court.
International Flag Challenge • this can be done as a whole school; the children will have to identify flags from as many countries as they can.
Ironing • Offer your ironing services – at a cost.

Jailbreak • Leave teams in the middle of nowhere, with no money or transport and see who gets back to base first. Charge team fees and offer prizes.
Jigsaw marathon • Challenge people to complete as many jigsaws as they can within the allotted time, or perhaps everyone has the same jigsaw and it is a race.

Karaoke • Arrange your own X Factor challenge. All you need is a karaoke machine, a room and a well-stocked bar!
Kite Flying contest • Sponsored challenge to see who can keep their kite flying the longest.

Left Handed Day 
• Try doing everything with your left hand for the day (or right, if you are left-handed) and get people to sponsor you.
Lent • Give up chocolate, coffee, smoking, alcohol, TV (anything that will be hard for you) for Lent, and get sponsored.
Line Dancing • Organise a line dancing evening. Just make sure you have a caller and a good venue, and charge people to come in. Don’t forget your cowboy hat and boots!
Limbo Dancing • Charge an entrance fee with a prize for whoever limbos lowest.
Lucky dip • Ask people to donate little gifts and then wrap them up and charge people for a lucky dip present.

Marathon • Enter one of the many organised marathons and raise sponsorship.
Mathematics • How about a sponsored maths test—or times tables test, educational too!.
Medieval • Themed evening of medieval food, jousting and entertainment.
Mile of Pennies • Make a mile of pennies in your town centre. Ask shoppers to help by donating their coins.
Mini-Olympics • Invite everyone you know to compete in traditional and silly sports. Charge entry, and/or per sport.

Nature trail • If there is a wood or countryside nearby, take the children on a nature trail and look for bugs and flowers. Charge a fee for the outing.
New Years’ Resolutions • Get sponsored to stick to your new years’ resolution.
Night Walk • Take part in a 10k night walk and raise sponsorship

Obstacle course • Create an exciting obstacle course in the playground or school field which children can be sponsored to take part in—maybe have a winner per class with a small prize.
Open Garden • if you are proud of your garden, or just have a large space, open your garden to visitors. Sell tickets, refreshments, plants and vegetables.
Ornament Sale • Set up a market/fair stall. Alternatively, organise your own event and charge for pitches.
Outward Bound • Go climbing, hiking, camping, orienteering, etc – seek sponsorship.

Padlock Challenge • Place a prize in a clear Perspex box with a number combination padlock and the children take turns to guess the combination on the lock to retrieve the prize inside.
Pancake Race • Get flipping on Shrove Tuesday. Charge teams to enter, and spectators to eat!
Parachute Jump • Daredevils only!! Get sponsored to take the plunge.
Personalised Gifts • Sell uniquely personalised gifts for special occasions.
Play Your Cards Right • made famous by Bruce Forsyth…guess higher or lower 6 times running and win a prize.
Pub Games Night • Stage a championship of traditional pub games – darts, skittles, dominoes, cards etc.

Quiz • Organise a children’s quiz afternoon. Charge per team and you can make the quiz educational—they can compete in teams to make it even more fun. Alternatively, organise a Pub Quiz for adults in your local…if your local doesn’t run a quiz, set one up!

Race Night • The race is run on a large screen after all bets have been taken. A typical evening consists of 8 races. Props (and film) are supplied by race operators. Some gambling regulations apply.
Raffle • Ask local firms to donate prizes and sell tickets. Check raffle laws!
Raft Race • Teams compete by building their rafts and racing over a set distance. Teams pay to compete.
Read-a-thon • Children set their own goal to read a book, or up to a certain page or chapter, within a set time, for sponsorship.
Roll-a-…• Fair game where player rolls a ball through a hole at the end of a bowling-type alley / rolls a coin down a chute aiming to land on a playing card / rolls a coin as close to something as possible.

Shoe Shine • get down on your knees at your nearest train station or shopping centre.
Slippery Pole • Fair game where competitors pillow fight while sitting on a slippery pole.
Sponsored Silence • Mum’s the word – stay silent for as long as you can…sponsored £1 For every minute – great for children!
Swear Box • Spend £1 for every $*&£ uttered! Put a box at home, at work and in the pub.
Swimathon • get sponsored per length, mile, minute, hour…

Talent Competition • Discover Britain’s next big thing with your own talent show. Charge entry and offer prizes.
Ten-Pin Bowling • Bowling alleys often have special rates for big groups and charity evenings.
Tombola • Pick a raffle ticket out of a barrel and match it with a ticketed prize, lots of prizes needed. A fair and fete favourite.
Toy Sale • In the run up to Christmas, toy sales can be big fundraisers.
Treasure hunt • Challenge the children with clues around the playground, charge a small entry fee.

Underwear Party • One for the adults! Charge guests to come wearing it, or take commission for selling it.
Unwanted gifts donations • Arrange a post-Christmas/birthday sale of unwanted gifts  – they can then be either sold or raffled.

Variety Show • Comedians, magicians, singers, dancers and musicians all under one roof.
Vegetable eating • Sponsor children to eat their greens.

Waxing • A hair-raising experience for the boys! Get sponsored to wax your chest, legs, back etc.
Welly Wanging • Fun for every fete and fair. Throwers compete to see whose welly goes furthest.
Whisky Raffle • Charge £1 per ticket and pick a winner for every 25 (or another amount you choose) sold. Check licensing and raffle laws.
Windscreen Wash • Charge to wash windscreens at service and petrol stations. Ask permission first – from the station and the driver!
Writing • Good for schools – each class could be sponsored to make up and write a poem, essay or mini book.

Yo-yo–a-thon • Competition to see who can keep their yo-yo going for the longest.

Zodiac Evening • Invite a guest astrologer along for a star-studded fundraiser. Charge for entry and horoscopes.
Zoo-ology • Competition to identify and name as many weird and wonderful animals in the world as possible.