Iain Munro has been involved with Funding Neuro for a number of years now, providing audio visual support at the dinner events.

In 2014 Iain decided he wanted to do something big for charity, and that he would like to do it for us! The moral of his story is: TRAIN!

Edinburgh Night Ride

Here is what he had to say about his chosen challenge, the Edinburgh Night Ride:

I like to take on challenges which are seemingly impossible for a man with below average fitness. A bike ride covering 50 miles overnight fitted my bill for summer 2014. There is a grueling training schedule recommended by the organisers (Global Adventure Challenges) starting months before the event. I ignored all of that. Two outings in the saddle before hand confirmed that it would be almost impossible but achievable with enough energy drinks and ibuprofen.

The evening starts in Meadowbank Sports Stadium with a hearty carb-rich dinner, a slab of cake and two coffees. After a dubious countdown, 300 riders wobble off the start line and head out onto The Mound where immediately 75% of us crumble in an exhausted heap en route to the top. Most of the spandex clad superheros on road bikes hare off up the hill and away, never to be seen again and the rest of us enjoy the relief of the ride down the far side and into the streets of Edinburgh and off out towards Leith.

There are two stops for more cake on the way and several hours, sometimes alone, in the pitch darkness somewhere between the Fourth Road Bridge and the west side of Edinburgh. A group of us stick together for the last 15 miles of agony back into the city and delight in the run down from the castle back to Meadowbank somewhere around 3am.

All told it was 50 miles in around 4 hours which even by my standards is pretty remarkable, especially considering the cake. £855 raised for Funding Neuro was well more than expected but an excellent cause and delighted to have helped in a small way. I’ll quite likely be doing it again this year…..