On 3rd of May 2014 the Brooks family received the worst ever possible news, their beautiful and much loved 6 year old daughter Daisy was diagnosed with a devastating form of brain stem tumour called DIPG, which primarily affects children and has an average life expectancy of one year from diagnosis.

Daisy went from being a normal child at school one day with no sign of illness to hospital the next and was having radiotherapy by the following week.

At the time, Daisy’s parents were told that there was no hope of a cure but that radiotherapy would buy a little extra time to make precious memories with their daughter, and that if they were lucky they could expect a few weeks of ‘good health’ before the symptoms took hold and their little girl would start to slip away.

However, as luck would have it, a team of pioneering brain surgeons in Bristol led by Professor Steven Gill who had been researching DIPG for over ten years were just at the point in their research where they felt confident in treating a child with their new techniques. Daisy’s parents, with much trepidation, decided to go for it and on July 28th Daisy underwent brain surgery aided by a software guided robot, to install a device that was made on a 3D printer, which could be used to deliver chemotherapy direct to the tumour.

This experimental surgery, alongside Daisy’s incredible bravery and spirit, gave her a shot against this condition and a few precious extra months with her family including her 7th birthday. Her procedure and treatment has already produced data that will benefit children with the condition in the future.

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