Our vision: To provide the means for accessible, fast and effective treatment for brain related disorders

Our aim: To advance treatments and cures of brain related conditions and diseases through technology

Funding Neuro – funding treatments that extend children’s lives.


Our focus for 2016 is delivery of chemotherapy to children with DIPG (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) brain tumours. Using revolutionary technology developed by Professor Steven Gill, the trial’s objective is to deliver chemotherapy to the tumour whilst protecting healthy cells, and to deliver stronger doses than can be taken orally to destroy the tumour.

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With the help of many people from all corners of the world we are due to run the first ever clinical trial using Professor Steven Gill’s Convection Enhanced Delivery system for children with DIPG.

In the meantime, children from a number of countries have been treated on compassionate grounds, with remarkable results. The compassionate treatment given to nine children has extended almost all of these children’s lives, with the hope of long term survival in the future.
Children with DIPG have on average only 9 months to live from diagnosis.
The delivery of chemotherapy via the CED system is the only treatment that is having an impact and offering hope to children and their families.



Meet some of the very brave children who have been diagnosed with DIPG.

Kira Spedale, 12
waiting for surgery
Daisy Brooks, 6
Gughi Grasselini, 5
Lily-Mae photo
Lily-Mae McKinstry, 10
Keira Wrenn
Keira Wrenn, 7

















Since our inception we have been focusing on reliable methods of delivering drugs and therapeutic devices through the blood brain barrier to where they will do most good. Together with our sister organisation, Wobbly Williams, we stage spectacular and very different events to raise the money required to advance the research that we believe will make the difference.

Bryn Williams set up Funding Neuro as the registered charity to which people can donate after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease aged 36.

To read Bryn’s story and the history of the charity, which started with Wobbly Williams, please click here.