How do you fancy having the chance to win up to £500 every month??

Welcome to our club! If you are willing to give us a gift of £5.00 each month by direct debit or standing order, we will sign you up. Each month one member’s number will be randomly selected and that person will win up to* £500.00

*Until we have a full membership, the monthly winnings can only be up to £500 – any less than 500 members simply means the winner will receive 20% of the monthly income of the club – it couldn’t be easier!

If you are interested in joining but have some questions, please contact our fundraising team who will be delighted to chat through it with you. However if you are ready to sign on the dotted line right now, please complete the FN 500 Club application and we will be in touch to finalise your membership.

***If you win just once in 8.5 years you will have made your money back, i.e. it will have cost you nothing! However with a full membership, over that 8.5 years Funding Neuro will have been able to put £204,000 towards changing the lives of people suffering from neurological disorders!***